The CyberKnife® System

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Worried about surgery or traditional radiation’s side effects? Columbus CyberKnife offers a different path.

Our patient-centered approach prioritizes comfort, convenience, and recovery with our non-invasive CyberKnife radiation therapy. We work with you to understand your needs and develop a personalized treatment plan that fits seamlessly into your life.

The CyberKnife System

Our CyberKnife system is an FDA approved, minimally invasive approach to radiation therapy that treats cancerous and non-cancerous tumors. Trusted by over 500,000 patients worldwide, Columbus CyberKnife is proud to offer this safe and effective solution for our patients.

As a non-surgical option for cancer care, our revolutionary technology works for patients with inoperable or surgically complex tumors to accommodate various diagnoses and conditions or as an option for patients who prefer to avoid surgery.

The CyberKnife treats conditions throughout the body, including the prostate, lung, brain, spine, liver, pancreas, and kidney.

The CyberKnife vs. Traditional Cancer Treatments

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How Does It Work?

The CyberKnife’s robotic design and sub-millimeter accuracy, allows high-dose radiation to precisely target tumors without affecting healthy surrounding tissues.

It’s designed for real-time imaging and motion synchronization using thousands of beam angles for smaller treatment margins around the tumor, so the risk of exposure to high-dose radiation on healthy tissues is greatly reduced.

As a patient, you can benefit from our minimally invasive radiation therapy that, unlike traditional radiation therapy with its fixed beam, offers shorter and fewer treatment sessions along with reduced side effects.

The CyberKnife System

What Types of Cancer Does the CyberKnife Treat?

Why the CyberKnife System?

  • Precision Targeting: With sub-millimeter precision targeting and using thousands of beam angles, the CyberKnife system accurately focuses radiation therapy directly on the tumor. It avoids healthy tissues and organs surrounding the tumors, resulting in minimal side effects and faster recovery, keeping you healthy and resilient during your treatment.
  • Reduced Side Effects: With its real-time motion sync and pinpoint accuracy, patients undergoing treatment with the CyberKnife usually face fewer side effects compared to traditional cancer therapies. This innovative system zeroes in on tumors, minimizing the risk of exposing healthy tissues to high-dose radiation, effectively reducing unwanted side effects.
  • Faster Treatment Times: The CyberKnife treatments are administered in one to five sessions, each lasting between 30 to 60 minutes, in contrast to the weeks of daily treatments necessitated by traditional methods. This results in minimal disruption to daily life and facilitates a quicker return to regular activities.
  • Minimally Invasive: Reduce the stress and recovery time associated with surgical treatments. The CyberKnife system is a non-invasive, non-surgical option, eliminating the requirements for incisions, anesthesia, or hospital stays. It offers a treatment approach that is gentle on the patient while being effective against cancer.

Is the CyberKnife Right For You?

Every cancer journey is different. At Columbus CyberKnife, we understand that. Your comfort and optimal results are at the heart of every treatment plan we create. Our dedicated team will guide you through personalized options that fit your specific diagnosis and lifestyle.

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