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At Columbus CyberKnife, we understand that a diagnosis of kidney cancer triggers uncertainty and anxiety. Going through the cancer treatment journey is very difficult, not only for the patient but also for their loved ones.

With these challenges in mind, we are committed to providing compassionate, state-of-the-art care for you and your family. At Columbus CyberKnife, we provide the latest in kidney cancer treatment tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient.

Understanding Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer begins when cells in the kidneys start to grow uncontrollably, forming a tumor. The most common type of kidney cancer in adults is renal cell carcinoma (RCC), which includes several subtypes such as clear cell, papillary, and chromophobe, each with distinct characteristics. Less common types include transitional cell carcinoma and Wilms’ tumor, the latter primarily affecting children​​.

The reasons behind the development of kidney cancer include, but are not limited to, genetic mutations that cause cells to multiply rapidly and survive beyond their typical lifespan. These cells may form a tumor and can eventually spread to other parts of the body. Certain risk factors such as smoking, obesity, high blood pressure, and some inherited syndromes like von Hippel-Lindau disease increase the likelihood of developing kidney cancer.

What is the CyberKnife?

The CyberKnife system is a breakthrough in cancer treatment that uses advanced robotics and precise computer guidance to deliver high-dose radiation directly to the tumor, minimizing damage to healthy tissues and reducing side effects.

Advanced Technology for Superior Outcomes: The heart of the CyberKnife system is its robotic design, which is the only complete robotic solution for radiation delivery. It uses real-time imaging to adjust to patient movement, ensuring radiation is always targeted precisely at the tumor with sub-millimeter accuracy.

True Robotic Precision in Radiation Delivery: The CyberKnife’s unique robotic system can move around the patient to various angles with unparalleled precision. This capability allows for a focused radiation dose delivered from thousands of angles, minimizing exposure to healthy tissues and enhancing treatment effectiveness.

Benefits of the CyberKnife for Kidney Cancer

  • Non-Surgical, Non-Invasive Treatment Option: Due to the complexity of the tumor or other health considerations, surgery might not always be the best option for patients with kidney cancer. The CyberKnife is an effective alternative that does not require incisions, which means no surgical risks or lengthy recovery times. Patients can usually return to normal activities shortly after treatment, with minimal disruption to their daily lives.
  • Real-Time Motion Synchronization: One of the challenges in treating kidney tumors is their movement as the patient breathes. The CyberKnife addresses this with its real-time motion synchronization technology. This feature allows the system to track and adjust to the tumor’s position dynamically, ensuring that radiation is delivered accurately even when the tumor moves. This reduces the treatment margins needed and further protects surrounding healthy tissue from radiation exposure.
  • Efficient and Effective Treatment Sessions: The CyberKnife treatments for kidney cancer are typically completed in one to five sessions, which is significantly fewer than the sessions required for traditional radiation therapy. This efficiency does not compromise the effectiveness of the treatment, thanks to the high dose and pinpoint accuracy of the radiation delivered.

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At Columbus CyberKnife, we are committed to supporting you every step of the way, combining leading-edge technology with compassionate care to offer you a treatment that is both targeted and effective.

If you or a loved one are facing kidney cancer, contact us at Columbus CyberKnife. Discover how our advanced treatment options can offer hope and healing during this challenging time. 


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Age 64

Most people with kidney cancer are older and the average age of diagnosis is 64.


The 5-year survival rate for people with kidney cancer in the U.S. is 76%.